Saturday, March 31, 2012

Time away

Time away.  Just the two of us. A new and exciting destination.  Time away.  A pause from the day-to-day.  A relaxing conversation over lunch in a quaint Italian cafe.  Laughing at each other as we got
drenched by the rain.  Time away.  Just the two of us.

We stepped off the plane and we saw the rain drops.  It didn't matter to us.  We got to the rental car and hit the road.  Our first destination - The Golden Gate Bridge!

We never saw the city on a totally clear day, but it was still beautiful.  I actually left my camera at the hotel for an entire day. (crazy, huh?)  I think God probably used the rain to make me slow down a bit and
just enjoy the time.  Here are a few of the sites we saw and places we went.
DSC_1468b&w DSC_1525a DSC_1570a DSC_1537a DSC_1530a DSC_1699a DSC_1722a DSC_1452a DSC_1603a DSC_1588ab DSC_1571a DSC_1476


We were able to meet up with an old college friend, his sweet wife, and their three boys.  They have started a church in the city and it was really exciting to hear what God has been doing through them.  It is so fun to have people we know scattered all around the country and even the world.  Getting to
cross paths and hear their testimonies is such an incredible reminder of how big God really is.

They gave us some restaurant suggestions before the trip and we were pleased!!  The first morning there, Steven and I headed to a little, corner place called Mama's.  We were warned that it would probably be busy.  As we walked up to the door, we could see that all the seats were taken.  We decided to wait outside until someone came out of the door.  We just stood there a little while as people headed to work and kids were being walked to school.  A lady walked on inside and then popped her head back out of the door and asked if we needed anything.  We told her we were just waiting and she kind of half smiled as she said, "Oh, come on it and order.  We will get you a seat."  So we went on in, ordered, and stood there for about 10 mins until they had us a seat.  In the mean time, the line behind us began to grow.  A couple beside us said that we were extremely lucky to get in that quick.  There is usually a wait time of anywhere from 45 mins to 2 hours.  The line you see below was there all three times we passed this place over the next couple of days. 
All of that to say, it was delicious!!!!
DSC_1547a My bkfst at Mama's Steven's bkfst at Mama's
Fisherman's Wharf Clam chowder Clam chowder Boudins sour dough

I laughed when I saw this and had to take a picture. Crab and tulips!!  I was in heaven. :)

Steven had been waiting to see the one and only Alcatraz.  And he was not disappointed.  It was so intriguing.  So much history.  Such a neat island.
DSC_1568a DSC_1595a DSC_1601a DSC_1682a DSC_1690a DSC_1651a DSC_1619a

I finally got to put him in solitary! :)

There were beautiful flowers and plants all around.
DSC_1692a DSC_1659a

We had a great time away.  The plane ride back was a bit rough and rescheduled, but we made it back to our girls.  We owe Gami!  She gave the girls a vacation of their own while we were gone.  We were thankful for our time together.  It's important to carve out time away.  It can't always be to a far-away destination, but it can always be together.

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