Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch a few weeks back!  The girls had been asking when we were going.  We met up with some good friends for breakfast and then all loaded up and headed to Flower Mound for good 'ole family fun.  The weather was great and the pumpkins were really big this year!  The girls loved playing with the cutest little guy ever!  Oh, how I love the fall.  All the smells, the changing leaves, hayrides, the wind, warm clothes, spiced tea and all the pumpkin treats. 

pumpkin patch_DSC1090_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1092_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1098_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1114_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1122_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1135_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1150_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1164_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1167_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1171_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1182_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1196_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1198_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1209_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1202_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1231_2012
The girls each bought a pumpkin to carve. Later that evening they started digging out the seeds. Abi has always been a "don't get your hands dirty" kind of gal. Adison has always been a "how dirty can your hands get" kind of gal. Put them across from each other and it was pretty fun to watch! And the best part of the whole process is the roasted pumpkin seeds!!
pumpkin patch_DSC1242_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1265_2012 pumpkin patch_DSC1264_2012 IMG_3008

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Family time at the park

Steven and the girls traveled back to see family over a long weekend.  They had a blast loving on their Pops and spending time with cousins.  I had to stay home and work the weekend.  So, Stripe and I bonded as I used him for target practice with my new camera.  
Needless to say, he got tired of that really quick. :)

come home
They have been updating the swings at our neighborhood park and the girls have been patiently awaiting their return.  Well, they were back just in time for the cooler afternoons.  We have walked down there almost every day the past couple of weeks.  A goal of mine for the future is to be in more pictures with my family.  So, Steven took the camera away from me for most of this park trip.
(He says I'm a photo addict, but I think he secretly likes my new camera) :)
swings are back 50mm play_DSC0994_ 50mm play_DSC1013_ 50mm play_DSC1035_ 50mm play_DSC1037_ 50mm play_DSC1064_
50mm play_DSC1071_
50mm play_DSC1074_
50mm play_DSC1076_ 50mm play_DSC1077_

Pet Parade

Adison had her "Pet Parade" at school the beginning of the month.  It was all she could talk about for an entire week!  Someone graciously traded days with me at work and I was able to be there and take Stripe.  I think he was just as excited as Adison! It was a fun day!
Stripe was ready for a nap when it was all over.

IMG_2840 IMG_2848 IMG_2843 IMG_2854

Saturday, October 6, 2012


We don't have too many pictures from September.  We found rest and comfort in the simple moments.  We soaked up memories and slowed down to make new ones. The girls got to see lots of family and meet relatives they have never seen as well.

iphone collage sept 2012
At the end of the month, I went on a photo weekend with friends from work.  We had it booked way back at the first of the year and I was excited to get away with friends and play!
tree pandigital chicksDSC_0124_ digital chicksDSC_0136_ digital chicksDSC_0077_ digital chicksDSC_0047_ digital chicksDSC_0044_ digital chicksDSC_0146_ digital chicksDSC_0154_ digital chicksDSC_0160_ digital chicksDSC_0181_ digital chicksDSC_0257_ digital chicksDSC_0266_
We learned a new trick called light painting.  It was pretty neat and Melanie and Jessica had
fun with the monster flashlights!
IMG_2801 IMG_2804 texas flowers

 After I got home, I was ready to start shooting!  The girls and Stripe where my target practice!
digital chicksDSC_0281_ digital chicksDSC_0284_
Abi has really gotten interested in basketball.  Adison is trying, but she's still working on that dribbling thing. :)
digital chicksDSC_0324_ digital chicksDSC_0328_ digital chicksDSC_0341_ digital chicksDSC_0343_
It was quite comical watching them air up the ball.  I guess their daddy has given them lessons.  They did a good job though and the ball bounced much better!
bball collage copy

I also just got a new full frame camera and can't wait to capture many more memories!!