Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Watermelon, Slip-N-Slide, Kung-Fu and a Front Tooth . . .

We've been working in the yard as much as we can in the evenings and the girls are loving it.  Meaning, they get to endlessly play in the water and eat watermelon. (2 of their favorite things to do)





And we started VBS this week! "Pandamania" is the theme. Steven called me at work Monday night after they all got home and said that Adison was DEVASTATED because she had accidentally flushed her "Kung-Fu" headband down the potty! After putting the girls to bed, Steven found it laying on the kitchen counter. It never even made it to the bathroom. Whew! After taking it back to show Adison that she still had it, she said,"Oh Daddy, you got it out of the potty!".  Thank goodness it didn't have to go that far!

Abi also had an eventful day and lost her 3rd tooth!  One of the BIG ones as she calls it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Splash Park with Friends!

We made it to our 2nd Annual Splash Day with Kate, Whitney and Mrs. Jessica!  Now that we live farther apart, it's hard to get together as much.  The girls were thrilled that we were able to spend the day with their friends!  And the moms got in some catch up time too. :)









Friday, July 1, 2011

lots and lots of Legos!

This past week, Steven was in Houston with Mumsey and Gami came to help/play with the girls while I was at work.  I was even able to play for a couple of days too!  We went to the new Legoland and the girls had a ball!

 DSC_0097    DSC_0091f





And we couldn't end the week without a "girl's night".  Abi, our event planner, had the evening all scheduled! Pedis, a movie, and even hair cuts!  Yes, I cut A LOT off of Adison's hair. I'll post pics soon.
(and the girls picked out my blue polish)

Hanging out with Mumsey

This has been a difficult time for the Riles family.  Mumsey was diagnosed with an acute leukemia and is currently at MD Anderson getting treatment.  We were able to go home and visit with Mumsey and Pops before she made the trip down to Houston.  We laughed and we cried.  But, we are already seeing God being glorified through this time.  Her treatment is going really well and the doctors are very happy with how she is handling it all.  We have been astonished by the number of people who are praying, giving, and visiting each and every day.  We are ready for the day that she comes home and feels up to making mud pies with the girls!

(and she's even learned how to Skype! . . .  the girls love getting to see and talk to her)
mumsey copy

And little Miss Adison is turning my hair gray by the minute.  We've had the privilege of visiting 2 emergency room's in the last month.  (honestly, I don't know how we've made it this long)  She fell in the shower and split open her chin while we were at Mumsey and Pop's house.  And then fell off of a chair at Aunt Dana's and her teeth almost when right through her upper lip. 

On both field trips, she made friends very quickly and managed to escape the infamous "shot".  She had her chin glued the first trip and just a big fat bloody lip from her second fall.  Hopefully, we can make it until next year before having to fork out another deductible. 

(and she managed to pop-open the glued chin, just as we crossed the state line!)
Mederma is adequately stocked in our house now.

2023 . . . Whew!

Abi graduated from Kindergarten a few weeks ago!  When I walked into the room and saw the sign that read, "Class of 2023", I just took a deep breath and sat down.  I hadn't even thought that far ahead to calculate what year she would be graduating.  To put a number on it makes me face the reality that my big girl is really getting bigger.  I know, I know, she is just going into the first grade next year.  But, I can't help myself from wishing that life would slow down a little.  She had a great graduation and was so excited that day.  She's definitely ready for first grade, even if I'm not.

triple grad


Mrs. Doggett and Abi


I love the expression on her face in this last picture!  It perfectly sums up her excitement that day!