Saturday, October 6, 2012


We don't have too many pictures from September.  We found rest and comfort in the simple moments.  We soaked up memories and slowed down to make new ones. The girls got to see lots of family and meet relatives they have never seen as well.

iphone collage sept 2012
At the end of the month, I went on a photo weekend with friends from work.  We had it booked way back at the first of the year and I was excited to get away with friends and play!
tree pandigital chicksDSC_0124_ digital chicksDSC_0136_ digital chicksDSC_0077_ digital chicksDSC_0047_ digital chicksDSC_0044_ digital chicksDSC_0146_ digital chicksDSC_0154_ digital chicksDSC_0160_ digital chicksDSC_0181_ digital chicksDSC_0257_ digital chicksDSC_0266_
We learned a new trick called light painting.  It was pretty neat and Melanie and Jessica had
fun with the monster flashlights!
IMG_2801 IMG_2804 texas flowers

 After I got home, I was ready to start shooting!  The girls and Stripe where my target practice!
digital chicksDSC_0281_ digital chicksDSC_0284_
Abi has really gotten interested in basketball.  Adison is trying, but she's still working on that dribbling thing. :)
digital chicksDSC_0324_ digital chicksDSC_0328_ digital chicksDSC_0341_ digital chicksDSC_0343_
It was quite comical watching them air up the ball.  I guess their daddy has given them lessons.  They did a good job though and the ball bounced much better!
bball collage copy

I also just got a new full frame camera and can't wait to capture many more memories!!

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