Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Family time at the park

Steven and the girls traveled back to see family over a long weekend.  They had a blast loving on their Pops and spending time with cousins.  I had to stay home and work the weekend.  So, Stripe and I bonded as I used him for target practice with my new camera.  
Needless to say, he got tired of that really quick. :)

come home
They have been updating the swings at our neighborhood park and the girls have been patiently awaiting their return.  Well, they were back just in time for the cooler afternoons.  We have walked down there almost every day the past couple of weeks.  A goal of mine for the future is to be in more pictures with my family.  So, Steven took the camera away from me for most of this park trip.
(He says I'm a photo addict, but I think he secretly likes my new camera) :)
swings are back 50mm play_DSC0994_ 50mm play_DSC1013_ 50mm play_DSC1035_ 50mm play_DSC1037_ 50mm play_DSC1064_
50mm play_DSC1071_
50mm play_DSC1074_
50mm play_DSC1076_ 50mm play_DSC1077_

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