Sunday, June 17, 2012

Much about May

May brought us many smiles! Abi lost another tooth at school and has been reading up a storm.
We soaked up our last few Thursdays with just Adison before school officially let out for the summer.  She will be starting Kindergarten this fall and I'm gonna miss my little padre.  Stripe
enjoyed wearing many different outfits and accessories during his play time with Itty.


We have been remodeling the girls' bathroom and have made many trips to Lowes and Home Depot.  We just happened to walk up on a Saturday Kid's project one morning and the girls were eager to begin building.  They made birdhouses for Mother's Day.  The apron's seemed to help them hammer even harder. :)

I tried my hand at Mumsey's rolls.  They were definitely not Mumsey's, but they turned out pretty good. (lots of butter always makes thing better) We also finished the girls bathroom! YAY!!!!

I received many secret notes, surprise drawings, and cards from my girls for Mother's Day. Abi even left me a note under my pillow and hidden in my phone.  She is too sweet!  We played almost every day at the park.  We had to get in the park time before the Texas Summer hit.  We celebrated our teachers and treated them for all their hard work.
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Adison also left me a fun little surprise by my bathroom sink.  I had seen this small plastic dinosaur sitting on my counter for a couple of days.  One morning Itty was in my room and I said, "Thank you so much for my surprise that you left me!  I love the cute dinosaur!" 
Adison replied, "Oh yeah!  I forgot about that.  I dropped it in the potty and I needed you to wash it for me. "

Needless to say - the bleach came out! Although at that point it likely didn't matter.  :)

Steven had to do a little work on the boat, but it's now up and running.  We took the girls for a short ride out on the lake.  They were ready to dive in!

Adison graduated Pre-K!  She has grown so much over the last year.  We can't wait  to
see this big girl in Kindergarten!
Pre-K graduation

Pre-K graduation

Pre-K graduation

A good friend left THFW to begin a new job closer to her home and family.  It was bitter sweet to see her leave, but exciting to know she is starting a new chapter.  It just means we will have to meet up more often. :)


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Abi finished the First Grade with all "A's". She just took off in math this year.  It has been fun to watch her as she gains more and more knowledge.  Daddy and Adison got donuts for her last Thursday alone with us.

We all picked up Abi on her last day of school and celebrated!  We took them to the mall to bounce on the trampolines with harnesses.  Abi was flipping everywhere!  We also went by our new, favorite dessert place, Orange Leaf!

May was a month full of finishes.
Adison finished Pre-K.
Abi finished 1st grade.
Steven and I finished the bathroom!
We are ready and excited for the new beginnings that will follow . . .

We also had a special little visitor the last weekend in May.  But, more on that in another post. :)

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