Friday, March 2, 2012

February Fun

February seemed to fly by. I've become a big fan of Instagram as you will soon see. :)  It makes all those phone photos a little more spiffy!  Well, we started out the month with new "kicks" for both of the girls.  They put them on the minute we got back in the car from buying them.  And Adison showed up in the kitchen the following Sunday morning in her pretty little dress and her new NIKE tennis shoes.

New shoes

We have been trying to give Stripe more attention these days.  He rode with us to pick up Abi from school one day.  Everyone was thrilled to have him along!

Adison decided to help me decorate the coffee table one morning.  Pet Pals make such a statement!

Stripe time!
Stripe love

We also celebrated Adison's 5th birthday. I posted most of  those pictures earlier this month.  We had IN-N-OUT for the first time.  The verdict - Not too bad!
In-N-Out Burgers

She also got a new pair of Cowgirl Boots!  You can't live in Texas without them. :)

New boots

We kind of celebrated V-day over the course of 4-5 days.  Gami brought treats and Steven bought me my favorite, Tulips!  If you know me very well, then you know how much I love fresh tulips!

Now that the girls can both ride their bikes pretty well, we have enjoyed family bike rides through the neighborhood.  Abi is getting especially good these days! Adison is a little too fearless though.  She ended up
jumping a curb and landed a pretty bad busted lip. (that was actually the 2nd busted lip of that week)

Bike ride

Bike rideBike ride

Adison's second busted lip of the week

The girls have actually been great at sharing this past month. (knock on wood as I'm typing)
I found Adison's key necklace hanging with my jewelry. She was sharing it with me.
Now I just have to decide which outfit it goes with! :)
Adison gave me her key necklace

snuggles with daddy!

Nap-time for everyone!
Nap time

Abi has been writing and posting signs everywhere. 
 On her closet, on her bedroom door, on my nightstand, and many more places.
I love reading the sweet things she writes!

Steven has a song that he sings when bedtime is approacing. Well, Adison has been beating
him to the punch these days and know the song quite well!

As Easter is approaching, so is the candy! Yikes!
This is our current addiction.
Easter addiction

Homework, Homework!


I had a plan for Reward Jars last fall.  We finally got them started. 
Our hope is to encourage our girls.  The verdict is still out on this one.
You can find so many things and ideas out there for this type of thing.
We are rewarding them for good deeds that we see each day.
Those things that they don't realize we notice. 
Kind words to others, putting others before themselves, respecting adults,
and the list goes on.  We'll see if we like this idea over the next few months.
(and for my fellow drug dealers, YES, those are bulk Zosyn bottles)  :)
Good deed jar

Abi gave her very first school report in front of her class.  This was
her practice run!

The girls and I also bought a curling wand.  These things didn't exist when I was younger!
Anyway, it makes cute ringlet curls!
Look who got a curling wand!

We are heading full speed into March! Hope your February was fun-filled!

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