Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Sweetest Cowboy ever, Thanksgiving, and Birthday Party preparations . . .

This little guy is the sweetest little cowboy ever!! The girls and I took some of our friends to a near by nature park.  The moms had Christmas pictures in mind and the kiddos wanted to run and play!  We got some really cute pictures! (to come later . . .)  Adison kept falling down while trying to keep up with the big kids.  After one fall, she just laid there on the ground and sweet, Robert came to her rescue!  He was really worried about her.  This moment didn't last long before they were running down the trails again. I snatched up the camera as soon as I saw them and got the picture!!

We went over to Steven's sister's house for Thanksgiving and were able to see most of the family.  I joined them after work and the girls were having a blast.  All the girls love getting together whenever they can.  We are so thankful that Mumsey is feeling better and loved our time with her. We can't wait to see them all again at Christmas time!

The girls made cute little "turkeys" with feathers.  The extra feathers ended up in their hair.  It's "the style" as Abi said!

Pops and Adison enjoyed harassing each other as always! :)

Abi also loved her special, one-on-one time with Mumsey! 

Elissa is getting really good on the piano and played Silent Night for the rest of the clan.

We are gearing up for Christmas!  Hopefully the tree will be up this week and Christmas cards will be ordered.  The Christmas music is now playing proudly at this household!  We are getting ready for the most important birthday of the year!

Hope you are finding Peace and Joy this Christmas!

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