Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Early morning ramblings and snapshots (of course!)

As I sit here still in my scrubs after a long, long double day at work, I can't quite go to sleep yet.  Maybe it's that I am beyond tired, maybe I am still planning my health benefits in my mind, maybe I keep thinking of my sweet family all sound asleep, maybe I'm still excited that I'm now an official Starbucks Gold Card carrier, or maybe it's that I can hear my man snoring from down the hall.  :-)  The girls have played hard this past weekend.  We all have played hard this past weekend.  We had friends over one night and completely lost track of time.  Don't you love those times?  We sure do!  The girls have worn the tread off of their bike tires these past couple of days.  Notice anything about this picture of Adison?

Yep!! No training wheels!  Watch out Texas bike trails, 'cause here comes the Riles family! It took her only 2 days and she's got it down.  Here little chins are covered with bruises, but she wouldn't have it any other way.  If you know my Adison, then you know she has the strongest little will.  Not one tear was shed and she picked herself up every time. 

Steven raked up piles as the first leaves started to fill our yard.  And of course, the girls had to get in on the action. 

Abi get's out of school early tomorrow and we are getting ready to spend time with family.  There is turkey to be eaten, cousins to play with, stores to be visited, pictures to be taken, and family to cherish and enjoy!  I hope your Thanksgiving is a "leave-throwing" kind of day to remember!

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