Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Boots for Abi

We discovered a new App! Doodlecast. It lets you draw and tell a story at the same time! And you can then download it in movie form! How cool! Adison loved making these boots for Abi!

(FYI - I'm done with YouTube.  I find it crazy that I can't even post a video without inappropriate content showing up at the end due to a "tag" containing my daughter's name.  And I'm even supposed to be in "SAFE" mode!  I'm done! No more!)

A little while back, Abi and I were able to get away for an afternoon.  We quickly got homework out of the way while sipping on sweet, warm goodness!  We laughed.  We shopped.  We talked about life.  I listened. We had a special time together!

The weather has been great here lately.  Not too cold and not to hot.  We've made many trips down to the park by our house.  Some by foot.  Some by bike.  Some by scooter. Some being dragged by a dog!

I'm learning to use the camera on my phone a good bit more lately.  The pictures are not nearly as clear and focused, but I'm able to capture real life as it is happening.  And I will always look back at these images with a sweet smile. Hope you have moments to grin about today!

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