Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1492, Fall deco, H2O, & my little padre . . .

Well, we finally got some rain here in Texas! There is a Third Day song called "Jesus, bring the rain" and I kept singing it over and over in my head as I saw the drops falling.  The temps have dropped into the 60's and 70's this week and the Fall decorations came out as well!  We've been moving full speed ahead lately and boy am I ready for things to slow down a bit. (Several of these pics came off my phone.  They are a little fuzzy, but cherished even so!)


Adison has finally learned to write her last name too and seems to put her autograph on everything! Including the back of my driver's seat in my car. (pic to follow)


Adison still needs a nap every now and then.  I'm gonna soon miss poking my head in her room and seeing this sweet scene.

Abi has been learning about Columbus and had to make a ship as a school project. She chose a water bottle as the hull of the ship and we fixed it up from there.  We even added mini "Abi" and "Mommy" aboard the ship.

Adison was my little "padre" this week as we put out Fall decorations, ran to grocery store, folded clothes, and all the day-to-day running around.  A friend a work gave me flower pens for the girls.  Well, my Itty Bitty can't put her down!  Thanks Mrs. Debbie!


I absolutely LOVE this time of the year. I get to feel the west winds blown strong, smell leaves burning in the distance, and pull out the decorations.  I have a cup of spiced tea almost every day, eat something pumpkin flavored at least once a week, and burn the best smelling candles all over the house!  Oh, how I love this season. It makes me miss family that is far away, but I now appreciate the times I have with them all the more.  Fall is just a season that prompts thankfulness!

fall collage

We are wrapping up the first season of t-ball for the girls. They've had fun and it's been fun to watch them as well!  (and very intertaining)  Grand Slam hitters in the making!



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