Saturday, April 16, 2011

IPhone pics!

So, I was actually looking through the pictures on my phone and realized that I have A LOT of pictures on that thing! Then I kinda laughed at some of the things I actually had taken pictures of!  And then, I realized none of the family had seen these.  I so easily forget about them. A few get posted on Facebook, but 84.5% of my family doesn't use Facebook.  So, I thought I'd post some of them here for laughs! These are pretty much in random order as well.
(And I actually pulled the videos off my phone too, but that will have to wait for another time.)

1.  This is the stray dog that I grew to despise! Mainly because he chewed on one of my end tables!!  This is also the dog that pushed us over the edge.  We found ourselves at the pound the 3 days later with a new family member.

2.   Meet Stripe! This was taken outside of Pet Smart.  We went straight from the pound, to the store. 
We totally did this on an impulse.  (best thing we ever did too!)

3.  Sunrise one morning driving to work!  This picture doesn't even come close to doing it justice.

4.  Double Doozie at Hulen Mall! Gotta love them!

5.  Picture of a picture on my digital camera! Abi and Buddy Jackson at Pet Day. 
(this is one of the rare occasions I used my point and shoot, problem was, I had no way of sending it to Jackson's mom - gotta love the iPhone)

6.  Boots that I REALLY, REALLY liked. (but didn't like the price tag) :(  I took this pic in hopes of finding another pair that would be more checkbook friendly!

7.  Abi found this in Canton! Needless to say, she didn't bring it home. :(

8.  And I found these in Canton and had to send Steven a pic of my fab find.
(and these were very checkbook friendly - gotta love Canton!)

9.  Just a random trip to Home Depot!  I was falling behind and snapped a quick shot!  I looks like Steven is forcing her to go in, but believe me, Adison loves hanging out with her Daddy!

10.  I had to capture Abi's first letter to Santa!!!
(yet again, the iPhone saves the day)

11.  The view of downtown from the parking garage where I work. Time: 2321
I was waiting on security to come jump start my car.  I had left my interior lights on since 0700 that morning!
(I won't mention how many times security has had to come to my rescue)

12.  Gravel road in backwoods Louisiana.  We were near the end of our long drive in for Christmas.

13.  Abi wearing a NLU jersey and holding Winnfield Tigers Pom Poms and sign! She has her momma's "spirit"!

14.  Adison had the camera in Hobby Lobby.  How do I know this? I frequently let them play with my phone in stores.  I recognize her shoe and the wrapping paper I bought for Christmas. 
(you have no idea how many pictures they take!)

15. I turned around to a voice in the backseat saying, "Mommy, check me out!" 
 I love that this shows her silly personality!!

16.  My typical drive home through downtown.
 This was actually taken the day after we had tons for snow. (tons for Texas that is)

17.  I didn't even know this was in my pictures until I downloaded them.  I also don't know how in the world to duplicate this. (I know may teens have it down, but this was a total accident)

18.  The snowman that Steven and the girls made while I was working. :(

19.  Our family Valentine's Day card! I worked well to take a pic and send to more family!

20.  5 foot icicles hanging from the car wash!

21.  Another thing I use my handy iPhone for.  Taking pics and sending to Steven so that I can
make sure I'm getting the correct thing. 

22.  This is a Red Velvet cupcake from Starbucks that I sent a pic of to Steven.
(just to rub it in!!)

23.  Adison chillin' during her breathing treatment.

24.  I thought this was so interesting.  A perfect example of how different they are.
Eating Lucky Charms:  Abi saves the marshmallows for last and Adison eats all of them first!

25.  A sweet friend came in from college and joined us for a movie night!
We love you Megan!

26.  Abi on one of many mall rides!

27.  This was at Chucky Cheese a couple of years ago.  They were both a little
unsure of this one.

28.  This was a cheese ball made with almonds.  I was supposed to look like a pine cone!

29. This was a cap we bought for Steven for Christmas.  These are my two
little thugs!

30.  This was the line at Target on Black Friday 2 years ago.  I had to talk it and
send to a friend!!

31.  Sumo Baby!

32.  A turkey walking around in Azle!

33.  BBQ (enough said)

34. Steven having to climb up the playground to get Adison out.  She used to climb to the top
of these things and then freak out! (It was his turn while on vacation)

35.  A "FREAKY" spider in the duplex we live in.

36.  Fun times with Fun Friends in Wal-mart! 

37.  4th of July fireworks!

38.  Bull riding like Mr. Bari used to do!

39.  Busted!! Youth "decorating" Steven's office for him!

more to come at a later date . . . .

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