Saturday, April 16, 2011

8 years ago!

As I was looking through pictures I ran across some old ones of Steven and I.  I thought it would be fun to post some of our pictures along the years.  I love that I can remember when and where most of these were taken.  Brings back special times! Hope you find these as fun and memorable as I have!

1.  Steven and I were just friends here. I needed a date for a formal and look who joined me!

2.  Ahhh, this is when it all began. :)  We made a trip to Dallas with friends!

3.  This is when I visited Glen Rose while Steven was working at a children's home during Seminary.

4.  We took this pic just before visiting Tony Evan's church one Sunday.

5.  This was one of our engagment pics.

6. We stopped at Enchanted Rock on the way back from our honeymoon.

8.  This was taken at my graduation, just a couple of weeks after our wedding,
(I chopped my hair off right after I said "I do")

9. Taken at our apartment in south Fort Worth while haning out with friends.

10.  This was taken at some friends wedding in Seaside, FL.

11.  This was an anniversary pic taken a couple of year ago.

12.  And this was last year's anniversary pic.

13.  I will have to pull the picture from this year off my camera. . . . . .

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