Monday, December 3, 2012


As much as I hate to admit it, our first born is growing up.  We reached a milestone last night as we told Abi "all about" Santa!  She has been asking some really, really, really good questions lately about many things.  One of which was Santa and we found ourselves at a crossroad.  Everyone has their own ideas about what to tell and what not to tell when it comes to the subject.  And yes, I know it can get touchy.  We have always loved the excitement and imagination that Santa brings, but have always emphasized the true meaning of Christmas to our girls.  Abi has been asking very good questions lately concerning salvation and we felt it was time to let her in on Santa's secret. She is growing and processing life at a much larger level and it's amazing to watch her these days. 
So, we pulled her out of bed last night and I whispered in her sweet ear. 
 I wish I had a video of her expressions.
It was priceless.  A light-bulb went off. 
She reached a new milestone. 

growing up

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