Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat

We found out last year that our neighborhood is a HUGE place trick-or-treat.  So, the girls could not wait to hit the streets.  I was able to snap a few shots of them before the we started on our candy quest.
Strawberry Shortcake, Taylor Swift and their Security Guard!

halloween collage 1
halloween collage 2
halloween collage 3
After we made our way back home, the girls really wanted to hand out candy as well.  The wigs came off and they planted themselves outside the entryway.  By this point most of the kids were leaving the neighborhood, but we got to see some of our favorite teenagers!
Abi and Adison loaded them up with handfuls of candy!
(one of my favorite pics of the night - through the glass on the front door)
_DSC1766 bwc

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