Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easter Weekend

The week before Easter, Adison had an egg hunt at her school.  I was able to help hide the eggs and snap a few pictures during the hunt.  She had a blast finding eggs with her friends from school.

adison school egg hunt

Mumsey and Pops were able to come the weekend of Easter! They are both doing really well and the girls loved the time with them.  Mumsey still can't be out and about in public due to all the germs, but that didn't slow her down a bit!  We spent most of the two days outside in the backyard  This was most likely the last time the girls will see her for a while before she has her upcoming stem cell transplant.  Please continue to pray for her and God's provision as she begins this treatment!  She has been responding very well over the past several months and this transplant could possibly be a cure! 
mumsey and easter
PTM Happy Saturday Template copy

Adison's hands were multicolored for days!

This sequence of pictures made Steven and I laugh so hard!! This is the typical Adison and Stripe scenario:  Adison carrying him around, looking like she is about to drop him.
(and he just plays along - what a great dog!)
adison and stripe

We had a great Easter weekend and celebrated our Risen Saviour with our church family Sunday morning.  What a sweet weekend it was!

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