Friday, January 20, 2012

2012, here we come!


A new year. New challenges to face. New
life to experience. New opportunities to act on. 
New memories to be made.

Adison loves playing with Stripe. 
adison and stripe collage

We love to eat breakfast for dinner and the girls were so cute
as Abi read her new books to her little sister.
breakfast for dinner collage

The girls were blessed with a karaoke machine for Christmas!
Adison was singing her heart out behind closed doors.
I was able to sneak a quick pic.
2/52 - Open

We play down at the park often and this particular day
the girls were showing me their survivor skills.
Survivor Skills

All 3 girls had a "girls day" while Abi was out of school.  We
saw Beauty and the Beast in 3D and then
we ended up on the dollar aisle at Target.

The coolest babysitter ever apparently taught Adison how
to play "Hot-Scotch".

Abi and Stripe were stretching their legs.
Walking Stripe

Adison stopped biting her finger nails!!!
Growing nails

The girls are becoming very media savvy. Gramps got them Leap Pads for Christmas!LeapPad addicts

And Abi made straight "A's" again! Yay!!
Straight a's

Hope the new year brings new memories for you as well!

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