Thursday, March 17, 2011

Camping 101

1.  Find a good looking, strong guy to put up your tent!

2.  Make sure you are related to someone with a boat!
(Thanks Greg and Dana)

3.  Pick a place with awesome sunsets!

4.  Make sure you bring a rockin' cousin!

5.  Let Daddy show you how it's done!

6.  Make sure you have a "Safety Net". (a.k.a. Aunt Dana)

7.  Always have a dedicated "shiner" catcher!

8.  Let loose and enjoy the ride!

9.  Bring along lots of goodies to eat!

10.  Never let down your guard! She's BAD!

11.  Find a good Fishin' Buddy!

12.  Hit the trails hard!

13.  Spin, Spin, and Spin!!

14. Make sure to stay hydrated!

15. Find the perfect spot to let Mom take your picture!

We had a great time taking the girls on their first camping trip!  The state park was super clean and the lake was beautiful!  It was great to be outdoors and away from the day-to-day schedule.  Hope everyone had a great Spring Break!

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