Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reality has hit . . .

Okay, I finally did it!  I moved to a new blog site.  The whole reason for having a site in the first place was to share our daily and special happenings with family and friends far away.  The reality that we live far, far away from loved ones hit long ago, but I was still living in an apparent dream world. (well, kinda . . .)  See, I have been wanting to create blog books for quite some time now.  The reality of not having the time to properly scrapbook hit a while back as well.  My favorite site for creating books, Blurb, only accepts a handful of blog sites for what they call Blog to Book.  (an amazingly easy process . . . so I'm told)  I have been hanging onto the hope that they will add my old blog site to their list.  Well folks, I don't think it's gonna happen. (at least, not anytime soon)  So, after almost 5 years of blog posts on the old site, I'm changing over! Many more reality moments to come! (and pictures too!)

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